Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)

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Jan 7th, 2011
Ryan Peterson
Small Stakes
Teaching Method:
Concept Video
Full Ring
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Ryan's SNG Building Block series is designed to teach new SNG players how to become profitable quickly.

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  • RyanPeterson RyanPeterson Bluefire Pro Poker Newbie
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    Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 1:51am
    Discussion for Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1).
  • halvadron halvadron Poker Newbie
    105 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 10:13am
    oh man i hope BFP i not gonna turn in crappy other sites model with 10000 authors putting huge amount of w/e vids. keep popping nlh/plo cash pls * havent seen this vid (no offence to these SNG guys really) Phil, Martin and Niman is who i`d love to see mostly if there are gonna be like 4-5 vids/month on SNGs/HUSnGs i`m fine with it, but not more pls, to kill other authors schedule/traffick
  • BillyMurphy BillyMurphy Administrator Poker Pro
    32 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 11:33am
    halvadron, BFP is not changing it's model at all. We will be releasing as many cash game videos as we always have, we are just adding more videos to the mix, for SNG players. There will be no change to the number of cash game videos we release. -Billy
  • Jimbozgrapes Jimbozgrapes Poker Prodigy
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 2:18pm
    I agree halvadron, I didn't pay money for a site to get the same information I could get for free from youtube/full tilt academy. This video was good and well organized, but the information is so generic and most people already know these strategies. I do like that a few sng videos are being posted, but at the same time you can find things like this anywhere for free. I believe most of us signed up for this site for the in depth analysis and ability to take our game to the next level by having Phil and the other bfp pros help explain how to make decisions that are extremely marginal and difficult to decide. We didn't sign up to learn the basic strategies of poker like starting hand ranges in a sng.
  • Jimbozgrapes Jimbozgrapes Poker Prodigy
    345 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 3:17pm
    Okay after reading the forums and watching the video all the way through I take back most of what I said. I decided to pause the video and write the last comment after Ryan was explaining that you shouldn't limp in late stages of tournaments haha. Near the end of the video is much more in depth mathematical concepts which are good. As a suggestion for future sng videos, I have watched the ones that came out so far, and you guys can really skip the obvious stuff. I have heard to play tight at the start of a sng about 50+ times from different forums and videos, and I think everyone gets it by now. All in all, great video . As far as the development of sng videos, I don't really want to see another one like this. It covered the "starting" of sngs nicely, and anyone looking to get into them only really needs this video. Live sng sessions I would like to see maybe 4-6 tabling at a time just shooting off an hour of play, or maybe just doing 6 tables and ending the video when all the sngs are over, or purely reviews of ones where the pros make the money and explain the interesting decisions that newer people may miss opportunity for profit (like myself I don't know the perfect spots to go all in in every situation when the blinds get bigger) . Looking forward to see how the sng team develops.
  • RyanPeterson RyanPeterson Bluefire Pro Poker Newbie
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 4:57pm

    I appreciate the critique and I full well understand your points.  While making this video, I struggled with just how basic I should make it.  This is the first of a planned series of videos, and it is the most generic and simple of all of them, as it is the intro.  The rest of the series will get much more in depth and will be focused on very specific topics.

    In all fairness though,this video was titled "Basics of SNG's" and it is aimed at those that are completely new to this type of game.  As someone that is obviously familiar with these games, I wouldn't say you were exactly my target demographic. 

    I decided to do a series like this because when I was learning these games, I could not find a good comprehensive series on any other site.  After input from many friends and students, I decided that I would try to produce the kind of series that would have helped me (and them) the most when I was just starting out.  Frankly, watching some guy play 6 tables never did anything for me.  There are so many nuances to the game in SNG's that can't be covered in a live session, and I want to provide as much information in a concentrated form as I can.

    Any ideas you have for future videos are always welcomed.  After all, you are the customer and without you, I wouldn't be here.

  • jdgambler22 jdgambler22 Poker Newbie
    42 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    8 Jan 2011 at 11:52pm
    If I was a begining poker player or wanting to play sitngoes without any experience I think this would be a great first video. So great job with the video I think it was a great start for your intended audience. Although I can't see myself ever really getting into sng's I will definitely check out these videos to help play vs smaller bb's stacks whether it be in a mtt tourney or a random shortstack in my cash game.
  • soulpatch2 soulpatch2 Poker Trainee
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    9 Jan 2011 at 12:45am
    Long, long ago - ok, actually an eye blink ago in terms of human evolution, let alone this history of the planet - there were school marms tasked with teaching every child in an old red school house regardless of the child's age or grade level. That must have been a pretty tough job, because simultaneously teaching someone how to read and teaching someone what a fused participle is are two entirely different occupations. I'm sure if the children in that old red school house were polled, they would have said, "please teach me exactly what I need to learn!" But exactly what they needed to learn would have been different for the 8 year olds and the thirteen year olds. In that respect BFP is a lot like the old red school house - we're not all at the same level. I've paid the same amount to be a member of Blue Fire as everyone else, and it's quite a bit larger as a percentage of my bankroll than most, I expect. Because I play smaller stakes, there are a greater percentage of videos made that are not applicable to the games I play. (I really don't need to be worried about balance since no one notices what I'm playing - Phil going on about balance in high stakes PLO is certainly interesting, but it's nothing I'm going to use in micro NL, nor is it something I SHOULD.) I hope Blue Fire teaches everyone to the exclusion of no one. To complain about a video like this is like a sixth grader in the old red schoolhouse telling the teacher that he already knows how to spell 'cat' and the first graders shouldn't be taught 'cat' because that he, himself, needs to learn Latin. It might be ideal for the sixth grader, but it's still not right. I'm sure someone brilliant could come up with a solution - here's a level of free videos, prove you can beat nl5 and have an opportunity to buy the videos teaching you how to beat nl25! - but I'm not that smart. I am smart enough to know that other people have paid the same amount that I have to get better at poker, and they deserve instruction. If that means me shaking my head at videos of someone losing a buy in at PLO200 even though they played well, then it can mean you shaking your head at the obvious basics of SNG's. The point is that ALL of the videos on this site are quality. They may not be of much USE to you, but that's not the same thing. They're not all of use to me, either, for the opposite reasons. I applaude BFP for starting this series, and for starting where they should - at the verrrrrrrrry beginning. I think that at the core, this site should be pedagogical, and not just for railing high stakes adventures. But that's just me, I guess.
  • Liquidations Liquidations Poker Newbie
    16 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    9 Jan 2011 at 8:21am
    nice post soul patch.
  • Kpoller Kpoller Poker Newbie
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    9 Jan 2011 at 10:47am
    too basic for me but still its great that bfp have taken a course to teach some sng and mtt/s too. as other series here this will be nuts.
  • AndyCarlson AndyCarlson Bluefire Pro Poker Apprentice
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    11 Jan 2011 at 4:49pm
    Very solid vid for beginners. It also don't hurt for regs and long time SNG grinders get a refresher course on the fundamentals. Great vid, Bank! RA
  • SkyBoo SkyBoo Poker Newbie
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    20 Jan 2011 at 10:54am
    I think everyone needs to cut Ryan a little slack. The info may be really basic, but you have to start somewhere. It is a series, so if you feel you already know the stuff he is talking about, go to the next video, dont bag on Ryan because you already know what he's talking about. I have no SNG experience so I found it very usefull. Looking forward to more.
  • oneleggedemu oneleggedemu Poker Newbie
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    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    27 Feb 2011 at 8:37am
    i know this is made for 9 man sng's specifically but i was wondering if at an point in the series, you will discuss the difference between 9 man turbos and mtt turbos; as well as the adjustments that need to be made when playing these bigger sng's
  • OutFox OutFox Poker Newbie
    12 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    6 Mar 2011 at 11:56am
    Nice first episode. Will this become an 8 part series or mini series? Thanks
  • plbisaillon plbisaillon Poker Newbie
    5 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    25 Apr 2011 at 3:01pm
    Surprised to see so much discussion on this - as Ryan said, it's called "The Basics of SNG's". Should be no surprise here! I've watched a lot of videos on FullTilt Academy etc. and I'm a new-ish player, and I think this video is really well made and useful. I've had modest increases in my bankroll since I started, so I know I'm not completely awful (unless I'm extremely lucky), but I find one of the toughest question to answer when you start is "how do I know if I'm any good?" (like I said, other than the bankroll). I knew most of the resoruces but did pick up a new one. Other basic information such as average ROI is very helpful to see what we should be expecting vs. what we actually see. Now that I think about it, I'd love to see a video on 'how to analyse your game'. Seems HEM is the tool of record, so maybe the video would be 1) ok, what's your ROI vs. the average based on your game and your stakes. 2)... I don't even know what (2) is - if my ROI is positive but lower than that range, where do I start looking next? Hand selection? For example I think I don't 3-bet enough - how do know what I'm doing vs. the right amount? I see myself as continuing to watch this whole series and hope to see some real life SnG examples. From what I've read BFP is focused on fewer high quality coaches, but with the search tools I'm sure it's possible to keep good quality videos for everyone. Thanks and I look forward to the series.
  • nzrod1 nzrod1 Poker Newbie
    23 Posts
    Re: Ryan's SNG Building Blocks (1)
    19 Jun 2015 at 2:20am
    Perfect video

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