Phil at 5/10 PLO

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Jul 28th, 2011
Phil Galfond
Mid Stakes
Teaching Method:
Session Video 3+ Table
6 Max
(14 Ratings) 8.57

Phil reviews his play in a recent session of 5/10 6max PLO.

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  • PhilGalfond PhilGalfond Bluefire Pro Poker Pro
    554 Posts
    Phil at 5/10 PLO
    29 Jul 2011 at 1:23am
    Discussion for Phil at 5/10 PLO.
  • shaymalus shaymalus Poker Newbie
    9 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    29 Jul 2011 at 2:14am
    Boom !
  • womengetrespect womengetrespect Poker Newbie
    7 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    29 Jul 2011 at 4:18am
    Can you please explain the call with qq108 single suited out of position. After you called, you were contemplating a check shove. What hands are you getting him to fold? Also, if he calls aren't you pretty much dead most of the time? I really didn't get this one. I normally fold that hand pre to a 3 bet.
  • korova korova Poker Newbie
    2 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    29 Jul 2011 at 5:52am
    at 15:00 can you really bet/fold vs the short stack getting this price? WIth an SPR of one vs him it seems pretty bad, after betting you need ~23% equity and vs the tightest range really possible you have that: What is you standard deviation in bb/100 for 6max and HUPLO, and given this how likely are you to make plays that have to be pretty close to neutral ev like the QJ87ds cold 4bet/call off?
    1 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    29 Jul 2011 at 4:42pm
    First of all ,good to see ure back Phil!I hope to see a lot more PLO 6max vidz in the next few weeks!It would be much appreciated!! Otherwise I really agree with "womengetrespect" about this QQT8 hand.I can't see a profitable way to play this hand facing a 3bet out of position.What were ur plans when u decided to call? Thx
  • abcdefghiklmnopq abcdefghiklmnopq Poker Newbie
    2 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    29 Jul 2011 at 8:01pm
    The AKK5 hand about 22 minutes in, what's your river plan if he bets?
  • halvadron halvadron Poker Newbie
    105 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    30 Jul 2011 at 4:42am
    great video, starting to transitioning a bit from NLH to PLO would like to see a series from you phil, at maybe 1/2-3/6 PLO 6max, for lower stakes players. Also long time no drgiggy vid :(
  • xamlop xamlop Poker Newbie
    7 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    30 Jul 2011 at 7:38am
    We missed you Phil ! Are the nosebleed NL games dead ? I think everybody would like to see some crazy highstakes NL action from our hero !
  • sharpraiser sharpraiser Poker Newbie
    11 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    30 Jul 2011 at 10:23pm
    I also do agree with “womengetrespect”. In general, is there a profitable 3bet cold calling range, out of position, 100 BB deep against two strong ranges (3bet from MP or CO)? Knowing that is very unlikely to face a 4bet, the double-paired hands should fit, but I can’t see much more.
  • d0zer1 d0zer1 Poker Newbie
    14 Posts
    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    1 Aug 2011 at 4:09am
    hey phil, hopefully youll take a moment to answer my "completely unrelated" poker question or give some thoughts on the issue. basically if you were to start playing poker from ssnl/msnl today (and had a very solid base of everything related to NLHE and know a thing or two of PLO), what would your approach on moving up vs masstabling smaller stakes be (sacrificing smaller edges a la folding 86o BVB to a SB open in order to maximize in bigger EV decisions on more tables while kind of capping your improvement as a player and possibly slowing down your moving up). i assume youd probably advise playing PLO too, how aggressively would you suggest someone who needs some base income but would also like to "make it to the top". i know when you first came up games were quite a bit softer, you took a bunch of aggro shots back and forward and always had the chance of finding HU action etc. but its no secret to anyone that its not quite the case anymore and good action is hard to come across, so basically what would your take on the entire moving up/improving/BR management be. game selecting higher stakes and playing less tables always while trying to improve every god damn day seems like the ideal route to go but its also kind of hard to bank a steady income like that given how its inevitable that at some point youll bounce back. long post but hopefully youll take a few minutes, thanks, good luck and good job on the sick upswing after the gross downer at 25-50 : p
  • FA_Morgoth FA_Morgoth Poker Newbie
    4 Posts
    would like to see 25 50 action!
    2 Aug 2011 at 8:05am
    Hey, good that you are back at stars! I would like to see some 25 50 action again. Have seen you at these tables a lot lately. especially from the deep ante tables @ stars! I think its been like 3 month since the last high stakes PLO Video...
  • shadddyyy shadddyyy Poker Newbie
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    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    3 Aug 2011 at 5:42am
    the qq810 hand at 27min, i understand the call 4 set value etc. also flop call using blockers or just float but why u ch fold turn when ace hit. u had qq blocker for nuts. wouldnt u normaly lead when u hit qk on that ace turn ? would be nice if u could explain your thinking process one more time pls. i know its not the real important hand but iam just wondering...
  • Carnivore Carnivore Poker Newbie
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    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    16 Aug 2011 at 1:51pm
    Are suits really that valuable? Early on, you open fold KKAJ with no suits from early position. Later in the video, in the exact same spot, you open raise with KKA5 with king high hearts. Is having a king high suit with a dangler really better than having the connected jack? I would open both hands, and I'm a tight player. I think suits, especially non nut suits, are hugely overrated. Thoughts? In holdem, QJo is a much better hand than Q2s, and I feel this is a similar analogy....
  • bonuspoker bonuspoker Poker Newbie
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    Re: Phil at 5/10 PLO
    22 Aug 2011 at 1:25pm
    Is it really standard to stack off with AJT2. I would think that all the hands that actually does hit that board( Qj2) our hand does poorly against. If its standard to stack off there, at what spr does the hand change into one you actually want to play turns with ?

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