Neil's 50NL Replayer (2)

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Apr 11th, 2011
Neil Gewirtz
Small Stakes
Teaching Method:
Session Video 3+ Table
6 Max
(2 Ratings) 7.50

Neil reviews some thin value bets at 50nl.

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  • NeilGewirtz NeilGewirtz Bluefire Pro Poker Apprentice
    231 Posts
    Neil's 50NL Replayer (2)
    12 Apr 2011 at 1:13am
    Discussion for Neil's 50NL Replayer (2).
  • bet3bet bet3bet Poker Newbie
    40 Posts
    Re: Neil's 50NL Replayer (2)
    12 Apr 2011 at 2:57am
    Great Video, I like how you explain every part with lots of detail with thoughts on villain's range as well!
  • deezie deezie Poker Newbie
    24 Posts
    Re: Neil's 50NL Replayer (2)
    15 Apr 2011 at 11:48am
    Thank you for the vid. At 11:41 you mention that the A9s is a tight fold, I was surprised by your assessment that it could have been a flat because of the weaker player, I'd basically never flat it, but sqz-or-fold. Could you further comment on that? Reasons not to flat, A9 is not a particularly good ace, nor does it offer straight draw possibilities, and you'll have to play it oop, which means we'll have trouble getting value without risking bloating the pot to then lose it. To me a sqz seems very reasonable as you also mention, given the combination of getting folds, having an ace blocker, and the possibility of flopping a nut draw or flopping an ace vs a big pair (then looking to bluffcatch). But I'd never consider a flat basically, could you elaborate a little more on the pros of flatting? (I have already outlined some cons) Thank you!
  • NeilGewirtz NeilGewirtz Bluefire Pro Poker Apprentice
    231 Posts
    Re: Neil's 50NL Replayer (2)
    15 Apr 2011 at 12:35pm
    ATs is a flat for me here so A9s is a great candidate for a squeeze because it is the top of my folding range. Given the weaker player in the pot i think a flat needs to be given some consideration as well because weaker players often allow you to draw cheaply, overplay 2nd best hands, and not put you in tough spots/take away the pot on later streets. When calling it a tight fold I was much more talking about not squeezing, than not flatting. I was thinking squeeze or fold at the time of the session, but reviewing all the variables after the fact it seemed that a call wouldn't be awfully loose, and given the same spot with slightly different variables, like another weaker passive player in the bb, or the original weaker opponent instead being a particularly bad player, it would become a call for me. Basically more than anything I'm encouraging you to think through all of your options when making a decision, and particularly looking for excuses to loosen up, even oop, when there is a weaker player in the pot. That said, in this hand you hit on all of the points of the cons list being a stronger argument for not flatting in that particular spot than my pros list is for calling, even with a weaker opponent in the pot, which is why i did fold.
  • deezie deezie Poker Newbie
    24 Posts
    Re: Neil's 50NL Replayer (2)
    15 Apr 2011 at 1:03pm

    I see, all makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks for the timely response and for the vid!

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