Neil at 50NL

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Apr 24th, 2011
Neil Gewirtz
Micro Stakes
Teaching Method:
Session Video 3+ Table
6 Max
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Neil plays 50nl!

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  • NeilGewirtz NeilGewirtz Bluefire Pro Poker Apprentice
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    Neil at 50NL
    24 Apr 2011 at 2:10am
    Discussion for Neil at 50NL.
  • paul3thomson paul3thomson Poker Newbie
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    Re: Neil at 50NL
    25 Apr 2011 at 12:41pm
    At 14:20, the MP raises to 5x the BB with a stack of $32 and you call on the button with pocket 3s because you can "profitably set mine". The Villain appeared to be playing 22/13. When you're getting like 14-1 stack to bet size, can you explain why you think it's profitable to simply set mine in this position? I've heard more common ratios of 20-1 even when in position. Do you imagine his MP opening range to be very tight? Were you planning on more than set mining? Is he a bad enough Villain that you thought he'd stack off light?
  • paul3thomson paul3thomson Poker Newbie
    5 Posts
    Re: Neil at 50NL
    25 Apr 2011 at 12:51pm
    At 15:00 you raise first in to 3x from the Button with QJs. The BB 3-bets to $4.50 and you muck without much comment. Can you explain why you didn't call the 3-bet here? I can't read your HUD, so I'm not sure of the Villain's 3-bet stats from the BB facing a steal. However, it seems like you're getting a pretty good price to call the 3-bet with better than 2-1. It would seem that we have more than 33% equity against an aggressive 3-betters range. Are you concerned about reverse implied odds when dominated? I often think that being in position negates the disadvantage of not having the initiative. Against an aggressive 3-bettor, QJs is at the bottom of my calling range of a 3-bet on the Button. How much does non-preflop stats effect your decision? For example, is a high or low flop or turn continuation bet %, an important factor when making this decision?
  • NeilGewirtz NeilGewirtz Bluefire Pro Poker Apprentice
    231 Posts
    Re: Neil at 50NL
    25 Apr 2011 at 8:44pm
    To the 1st question, I was getting just slightly worse odds than I would prefer if I am just set mining, but this opponent seemed to be playing somewhat erratically so I figured him to be more likely to stack off light postflop. To the 2nd question QJs is a hand I like to defend with vs aggressive opponents, but that opponent was playing 13/6 with a 0% 3bet. Postflop reads play a huge role on whether or not I will call a 3bet from a villain. To make an extreme example, I would call a 3bet with any 2 cards vs a villain who always c/f when he misses, and always bets when he actually has a hand because of how easily I will be able to play even the bottom of my range postflop. Vs the villain in this hand I had no postflop reads, and only my HUD telling me he was tight so I opted to fold my often dominated hand despite getting a reasonable immediate price.
  • perrygoescrazy perrygoescrazy Poker Newbie
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    Re: Neil at 50NL
    9 May 2011 at 6:31pm
    what is the meaning of the timer next to the bet amount box?

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