JP at 200NL 6max (2)

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Sep 24th, 2011
JP Zdancewicz
Small Stakes
Teaching Method:
Session Video 1 - 2 Table
6 Max
(6 Ratings) 8.33

JP continues with part 2 of his series at 200NL 6max.

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  • JPZdancewicz JPZdancewicz Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
    188 Posts
    JP at 200NL 6max (2)
    25 Sep 2011 at 1:19am
    Discussion for JP at 200NL 6max (2).
  • yummygummy yummygummy Poker Trainee
    41 Posts
    Re: JP at 200NL 6max (2)
    25 Sep 2011 at 6:03am

    sweet vid, liked your reasons for x/r as pfr. when you were talking about that tight guy's range being more merged between little air, lower value range( i assume 10,jj,ak) and higher value like qq+.

    Maybe I misunderstood you but, always thought a tighter player's range is polarized and a guy like ctc is merged since he can have 99 and get in more of the middle of his range. If i have like TT, or JJ in your spot I'd be much more inclined to flat against a tight guy, but 4bet/get in vs an aggressive player.

    Does that thinking make sense? So lets say the tight guy is a hyper aggressive player like cts, would you 4bet 77?

  • JPZdancewicz JPZdancewicz Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
    188 Posts
    Re: JP at 200NL 6max (2)
    27 Sep 2011 at 10:33am

    Not exactly sure what I said, maybe I misspoke, but sounds like you're kind of inverting what I meant.  I use CTS as an example because he's someone that I watched while learning the game and I respect his ability as much as anyone in the world. Yes, a tighter player's range is usually more polarized(although I think I mention that alot of nitty-type players are the opposite by being all value) and a hyper-aggro player is usually more merged, but I do not want to put myself in a marginally EV spot by 4betting 77 or something that merges MY range too much.  However, if it was a spot where I felt this specific player was vvvvv likely to jam or play back, it's possible.

    What I think I meant in the video was that an aggro player who is being played back against can more easily 3bet/bet marginal hands because they have to expect players to play back with a wide enough range(both weaker balue and more air) to get those hands in profitably. 

    Hope that made sense.

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