ColmsUM 200NL HU vs. Slowrollmaster

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Apr 4th, 2012
Coleman Whitsitt
Small Stakes
Teaching Method:
Session Video 1 - 2 Table
Heads Up
(3 Ratings) 10.00

Coleman plays a live two table 200NL HU session.

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  • ColemanWhitsitt ColemanWhitsitt Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
    137 Posts
    ColmsUM 200NL HU vs. Slowrollmaster
    5 Apr 2012 at 1:16am
    Discussion for ColmsUM 200NL HU vs. Slowrollmaster.
  • tompoker88 tompoker88 Poker Trainee
    78 Posts
    Re: ColmsUM 200NL HU vs. Slowrollmaster
    6 Apr 2012 at 2:41pm

    Hello ColmsUM,

    i wonder about some preflop decisions you made, like calling with 98o, T8o, J9o etc., folding A2o/A5o/A6o, folding 65s (deep) and 64s, folding to a 3-bet with T9s (11% 3-bet is quite low for HU, but in 6 max games its on the higher side and T9s seems like an easy call for most people vs most opponents ip). What is your take on that?

    I understand that Axo are not great 150+ BB deep, but he did not give you any trouble in small pots postflop.

    Another question: If you would not call with hands like 98o, would you decide to 3-bet them instead? Do you prefer a hand like K2s or Q5s instead of 98o?

    When you 3bet TT and AQs when you were 200 BB deep, what would be your gameplan when he 4-bets?

    Sorry for the number of questions, but i am quite unsure in HU preflop game and therefore play it more by feeling.


  • ColemanWhitsitt ColemanWhitsitt Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
    137 Posts
    Re: ColmsUM 200NL HU vs. Slowrollmaster
    8 Apr 2012 at 9:46am

    1) I definitely prefer 89, T8, J9 vs. A2-A6o. They just play a bit better postflop and don't put you in as tough of spots as often. If I folded 56s oop pre, that was definitely an accident. For what it's worth, all of these hands are borderline and they're are top players that defend all of them and others that fold all of them. I wouldn't concentrate too much on these marginal preflop decisions as it's just not that important in the long run. What is more important is the type of opponent you are playing. If he is passive postflop and let's you get to showdown often, I may start defending Ax hands wider. Otherwise, they tend to lead to problems.

    2) Yes, if I'm not defending 89o I would put it into the hands that I would consider 3betting preflop. Note that I wouldn't just auto 3bet any hand, as it always depends on my image and game flow. I personally do prefer Kxs/Qxs vs. 89o, but again there are other regs who might disagree.

    3) I would likely be flatting those hands against 4bets, although against some opponents I'd be comfortable just 5betting and getting them in. 200 BB deep, I'm going to be getting 4bet bluffed insanely high amounts so those hands will play well in the long run.

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