Brian Wins an $8 Turbo MTT

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Apr 30th, 2011
Brian Fite
Small Stakes
Teaching Method:
Replayed Hands
Full Ring
(5 Ratings) 7.20

Brian samples hands from a recent tournament win.

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  • BrianFite BrianFite Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
    167 Posts
    Brian Wins an $8 Turbo MTT
    30 Apr 2011 at 5:39pm
    Discussion for Brian Wins an $8 Turbo MTT.
  • tapaci tapaci Poker Newbie
    3 Posts
    Re: Brian Wins an $8 Turbo MTT
    2 May 2011 at 9:57am
    great video keep it up
  • Jimbozgrapes Jimbozgrapes Poker Prodigy
    345 Posts
    Re: Brian Wins an $8 Turbo MTT
    4 May 2011 at 3:39pm

    Hey brian good video and grats on the win. Two things I wanted to say, one of them is something that I found to be really crucial.


    I think you really need to differentiate between calling and pushing ranges, because they are quite different. I am not entirely sure, but maybe you could clarify, It seems that pushing ranges actually completely change dependent on what your opponents calling range is. For example, if someone is calling atc, then obviously pushing any Ace or any King into them is going to be ahead more often, where as pushing 5/6s is going to be a bad push. On the flip side, if someone is only calling with Broadway combination and pairs, 5/6s is going to fair a lot better against that range than any Ace and any King. Now there are a lot of other factors contributing to whether or not you push a hand of course, but I think the rest of them can be explained pretty easy, like the any two cards bvb rules. I am just bringing this up because it was a mistake I was making, especially seeing other players do it. I saw someone push 5/6s from middle position and thought oh well if you put that in pokerstove that is 52% of hands almost, but I actually doubt they would be pushing hands like q/7o and other high/low off suite combos. Just something that none of the videos have mentioned so far that I think is a pretty important thing to note.


    The other thing was an easy way to get the effective blind as far as math goes. It is basically what you and your friend do to get what the effective blind is, but put into a formula.

    x + 2x = P where P is the pot.

    So to figure out x, you combine all like terms, which is 3x = P, and then divide P by 3 to get what x is. Then x is your small blind, and 2x is your big blind. Just to put effective blinds into a math formula, and a pretty easy way to explain it. Keep up the videos!


    Oh and another note, you are kind of over-explaining things you have already pretty much killed in previous videos, it is obviously nice to have you explain your thinking, but some things are a little over-kill. I think you explained in your last video why you would raise with A/9 if you weren't doing a bunch of tables for like literally 5 minutes, and did the same thing here with A/8 for like another 2 minutes. Just something to watch for that is a bit redundant. Keep up the good videos!

  • BrianFite BrianFite Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
    167 Posts
    Re: Brian Wins an $8 Turbo MTT
    26 Aug 2011 at 9:00am
    You are right, shoving and calling ranges are 100% different and completely depend on your opponents calling range when youre shoving, and shoving range when youre calling.

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