Andy's Maxing on a Maniac

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May 22nd, 2011
Andy Carlson
Mid Stakes
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Full Ring
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Andy reviews a $22 10man SNG with loose and aggressive opponents.

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  • AndyCarlson AndyCarlson Bluefire Pro Poker Apprentice
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    Andy's Maxing on a Maniac
    23 May 2011 at 1:14am
    Discussion for Andy's Maxing on a Maniac.
  • SchFerreira SchFerreira Poker Newbie
    21 Posts
    Re: Andy's Maxing on a Maniac
    23 May 2011 at 6:59pm
    I think folding to his ~3.5 BBs shove with Q7o right after you tarped him into losing almost of all of his chips is definitely bad. I can see him shoving pretty much ATC there, and we only need 38% equity to call, which he gives us by shoving 40% there. I'm pretty sure calling with Q7o, and perhaps even worse, is the right play there. Also, when you fold KTs on the button (30:00), isn't that a standard min-raise? I understand why you hate (hate as in "I hate to do this but..." not as in thinking it's a terrible play) raising there, since the stacks are perfect for someone to ship on top, but I still thinking folding is little bit too tight. It does get me thinking though, since no one should be flatting in that spot, doesn't it really matter what hands we elect to min-raise/fold, if any? I mean, it's obvious we should have a min-raise/fold range there (15 BBs effective against Maze is a little bit deep to be shoving, right?) , since we can't just fold fold ~95% of our buttons and expect to get it in with the top of our range very often (I guess this is a balance concern).I guess what I'm asking is that, would you raise A8 or KJ in that spot? I'm thinking yes. Are you calling a shove by pirras with those hands? Probably not. Then, if he's certianly not flatting, what is the difference? We're only getting flatted by Maze and that would be great news with a playable hand and position. I hope my question there is not too confusing, hehe. Anyways, big fan of your videos Andy, keep 'em coming :)
  • Jimbozgrapes Jimbozgrapes Poker Prodigy
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    Re: Andy's Maxing on a Maniac
    25 May 2011 at 2:26am
    Hey andy, I have to admit the first thing that went through my mind on the K/T was a min-raise as well. As far as heads up play goes, I have been thinking of implementing a ~10bb strategy something along the lines of min raising bottom and top ~15% of hands (so you can min-raise trap top 15% or min-raise fold bottom 15%, or just take it down) and then shoving the other 70% in between. Just something that I thought would be pretty unexploitable and pretty +ev as a cookie-cutter against a lot of people. Thoughts? Should be pretty hard to combat I think, as most people try to get cute with their big hands anyways, might work better then a shove or fold game. Feedback on this idea would be cool :) . Keep it up!
  • FoldEquity FoldEquity Poker Newbie
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    Re: Andy's Maxing on a Maniac
    11 Feb 2013 at 9:58am
    is this a freeroll ? how can you find such bad players ... not possible on stars and major sites

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