Bluefire Poker Testimonials

Just signed up and this video alone is worth the money... thx!  

By: Spinky


Well done. I enjoyed this vid. Good info and great logic during your explanations.

By: Duckslayer2k


Basically the nuts as far as videos go.  

By: TheGreenMachine


dreamy voice, nice video, sick site. By: abreathofair 

Dreamy voice, nice video, sick site.

By: abreathofair


This is the best video format I've ever seen with the "2nd layer" of commentary. It shows how you think during play and post game analysis in real time which is very valuable. Great commentary as well.

By: nutsflopper


Just watched this one again, seemingly for the first time. I'm taking a more methodical approach to video watching this time around. I took a ton of great information out of this. Thank you for the detailed analysis of so many interesting spots.

By: IrwinFletcher


Outstanding! Very detailed hand analysis. i like your teaching style a lot!

By: TheGreenMachine


I'm a winning regulair on NL100 and NL200, but omg I can learn a lot from these videos :) Just wanted to tell if you didn't get any specific feedback upon them. Thanks for posting.

By: uberfish


phenomenal video, this video and phil's video about scare cards that aren't really scare cards are easily 2 of the best videos that i've ever seen... and i've seen cts, raptor, whitelime, FWF, aejones, genius28, and krantz, so that's saying a whole lot..

By: precision


Great vid as always PBJaxx. You put a lot of time into this format and it is very effective because of it. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

By: Haupt_234


Great format Jason, appreciate the time you've put into it and definitely a very unique and useful way to get across the concepts you talk about in the video. I would gladly see more like it.

By: misesuk


Great video guys. I really enjoyed listening to such detailed analysis on only a few hands. I love it! Keep up the great work.

By: IrwinFletcher


Yes, this is very good. Thousands of live videos online. This is the first one I know of detailing ranges every step of the way rather than just giving advice for the hand in question. More like this. ty

 By: kalibershanD


Great Vid! I know from my experience how time consuming building a presentation like that can be. Thanks and please keep them coming.

By: SemperFiNole


Another very solid video. I am always impressed at how much thought you put into every hand even when not using the replayer. It definitely inspires me to slow down and think through even decisions that I consider standard. Thx again.

By: Dangerfish


The explanations and the sense of humour are amazing. I am looking for more videos from the Professor with 10.5k stack at 2/4 :)

By: fcostello


Words cannot describe how much i enjoyed this video. not only full of valuable information, but also very entertaining. thanks!

By: ziiches


Wonderful video. Very enlightening part about the different adjustments you make depending on your opponent's tendencies. More !!!

By: FrenchKiss


Wow! Truly one of the best stat series I've seen on any site. I can tell you take a very conscious and detailed approach to the game and I'm really looking forward to more videos from you, keep them coming!!

By: jadedvision


Good video. Make more videos like this, please!

By: nakedmom


It is a great, educational vid. i would def like to see more of this.

By: aaronzody83


I think this video is great. Your thought process on poker is amazing. It makes so much common sense yet is so complicated. I don't care whose hands they were or when they were played. Your thought process is gold. I think most of us just don't know how to think the whole time we play.

By: highdraw


Great video Jason. I very much enjoyed the short commentary on the AK hand. Thanks and keep up the good work.

By: IrwinFletcher


Loved the format. Great attention to detail in what goes into figuring the best course of action, things to pay attention to and watch for in various scenarios.

By: TheCloser