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  • madsamot madsamot Poker Newbie
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    NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    7 Mar 2011 at 6:18pm

    $5/$10 No Limit Holdem • 5 Players

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    SB 2729.00  
    me (BB) 1103.00  
    UTG 305.00  
    CO 3226.00  
    BTN 1041.00  

    Effective Stacks: 31bb

    Pre-Flop (15.00, 5 players)

    Hero is BB


    3 folds, SB raises to 25.00, me calls 15.00

    Flop (50.00, 2 players)


    SB bets 35.00, me calls 35.00

    Turn (120.00, 2 players)


    SB bets 90.00, me calls 90.00

    River (300.00, 2 players)


    SB checks, me ?

    Got a intresting riverspot here vs a reg. 

    I have not seen him around much, but he plays 4 tables, and have not seen anything to dumb from him.
    We got no special history, and I have no specific reads, but has him as 28/19/5 over 520 hands
    His aggression frequenzys is: 35%(2.1),26%(2.0),20%(1.3).

    On the river, I dont think my hand is good very often. Is it + EV to try to move him of a better hand? Everything got there, so the only way I can 
    be bluffing, is by turning a made hand into a bluff. 

    If we decide to bluff the river, what is the best sizing? Should we overbet, and "polarize" our range, or should we go for a more normal 75%-80% of pot bet, to keep two pair hands in our range?

  • aggrofox aggrofox Poker Trainee
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    12 Mar 2011 at 1:02am

    Does he never raise in the small blind light, and have at least KJ here?

    Or always fire the 3rd barrell in spots like this with bluffs, and has a strong checking range?

    It's a standard check back with no reads.

    A normal bet should be fine unless you have reason to believe he has 2pair himself alot here.

  • m4dru5h m4dru5h Poker Newbie
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    1 Apr 2011 at 2:15pm

    im checking back here...looks like he's slowed up to induce a value river bet from you then come straight back over the top...text book draw play from the mid 2000's...:)

  • Thebowskii Thebowskii Poker Prodigy
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    1 Apr 2011 at 6:33pm

    yes this is an awesome time to turn your hand into a bluff because he has to put you on a Jx and the rare Tx+ over that has done this since ALL DRAWS besides QK missed and if he is a decent hand reader he cannot call.  *im assuming this is an easy valuebet with KQ as well (although u provbably size smaller until he starts c/r here vs our 1/3-2/3 sizing)*  Make the bet as though you just hit made sexytime with 98 or Axdd.  If he calls here you know he likes to check to induce (where it really doesn't make sense versus our overall range).  If he c/r here that would be very interesting but I would also say that is a very strong hand nearly always considering our range is uncapped (besides the fact that we really only rep QQQ as a set).



  • ramifish ramifish Poker Newbie
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    27 Aug 2011 at 10:54pm

    Without any more stats or tendencies, it´s a very easy fold preflop...

  • Wilsonc91 Wilsonc91 Poker Newbie
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    Re: Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    26 Nov 2011 at 10:29am

    ramifish wrote:

    Without any more stats or tendencies, it´s a very easy fold preflop...

    seriously.. that nittySurprised

  • snipe7 snipe7 Poker Newbie
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    3 Jan 2012 at 6:36am

    i dont think he can ever c/r on the river, turn bet looks like value/protection and river check looks like pot control, think its a great spot to get him off his made hand that surely has you beat, bet whatever you normally bet for value here

  • StuZero StuZero Poker Newbie
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    3 Jan 2012 at 12:44pm

    Why call the turn if you think you cant take a free SD on the river?

  • JPZdancewicz JPZdancewicz Bluefire Pro Poker Trainee
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    4 Jan 2012 at 1:22pm

    Imo players don't check TP+ here so I can definitely see a bluff being good, although he most certainly has a calling range once he checks. He can have air but also probably is fairly balanced even if he doesn't call enough with the calling part of his range. 

    If I bet I'd make it an overbet- something around 400. Hopefully he will be folding too high a % of his calling range to a normal sized bet and then fold even more to the overbet.

  • flakydorf flakydorf Poker Apprentice
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    Re: NL1k: Close riverspot vs reg
    5 Jan 2012 at 2:41am


    Are you often overbetting 2p here? If not I think this is a pretty interesting spot for a thinking player. It would polarize your range to a bluff or a flush, but a lot of flushes are going to raise that flop, thereby eliminating a chunk of your value range. It lets him call light correctly more often. Then again, most people probably aren't going that deep in to it each hand either. If you do overbet a merged range here then I think it's perfectly fine as we make it almost impossible for a 1p hand to call.