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09 Aug, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I have created a simple ICM Training program for beginners and am now taking on my first groups of students.

The program will consist of:

Structured Pokerstars Home Games play - I will be creating a few home games per session for the group of students to play in. During this time of play, I will be saving and running hands through Calculator. After play is concluded, I will show how to enter the basic setup data for ICM calculations using the program and offer opinions on hands. The games will be play money, which is a great opportunity for USA based players to participate. Everyone will be expected to play seriously in each game.

Skype group chat for each group to send and review hands together and with me, specific to HRC.

Two week Holdem Resouces Calculator free trial.


I have setup 9 groups as follows:

6 players per group

$50 per player

5 hours of gameplay/review. 2 × 2.5 hours the same time two straight weeks.

(I am guessing 45 mins of play and 1:45 of review)

Sunday Groups - 2pm - 4:30pm CET

1A - Aug 17, 24 

2A - Aug 31, Sept 7 

3A - Sept 14, 21

Wednesday Groups - 8pm - 10:30pm CET

1B - Aug 20, 27

2B - Sept 3, 10

3B - Sept  17, 24

Thursday Groups - 9:30am - 12pm CET

1C -Aug 21, 28

2C - Sept 4, 11

3C - Sept 18,25

Alternate times for sessions are possible if the booking group is the majority (4+ players)


Assigning spaces on a 1st come 1st serve basis. To book your place, please post in this blog or add me on skype (ottocat01) and send payment to ottocat01 on PS or FTP. Skrill is


New Referral Program - I am now offering a $5 per hour referral program for anyone sending me new students. You will receive $5/hr for the duration of the players time with me. 

The referral program does not apply to promotions or group coaching. I will offer $5 off the total price of my current HRC beginners program for all referred players.


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