Who am I, this last year and a little brag.

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21 Nov, 2014
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For those that don't know me. I am Lesley and I am the one that answers all the support tickets for BlueFirePoker.

A few years ago I was really sick. I deal with depression and social anxiety. I am really open about it because I don't want anyone to ever feel the way I did at my lowest point. That is when I found poker and it helped to change my life. I had a ton of support from a lot of friends that I had met on poker forums and when I started playing my mind cleared and focused. I love the game and it will always be a part of my life.

Online I pretty much only play micro stakes. My goal for next year is to really take poker seriously and make supernova for the first time.

Pokerstars this year held a Protege contest. I came second in the tournament for a chance to have André Akkari mentor you and made it to the video stage where he would pick 2 out of 20 videos to go to vote. Unfortunately, I didn't get picked but thought I would share the video with you.


Creating this video was really hard for me. I am incredibly shy and the second a camera is pointed at me a second feels like FOREVER but I am glad I tried.

I enjoy playing live but it takes a lot out of me. Live poker for me started when a friend who won a trip to Vegas was unable to go. Part of the trip was a buyin to an live online forum challenge event held at the golden nugget because they couldn't make it they had to pick someone to play for them. They were nice enough to pick me and they are still one of my biggest supporters. Since then I have played a few games, mostly small buyins but in In 2012 I played my first WSOP event. It was the Ladies event. I am not sure how I did it, but ended up final tabling it and finishing 7th

I still don't play a lot live, but when I do, it is almost always small buyins. I stay away from the Main Event games and play a few side events. Last week I played the $250 frenzy at Playground Poker during the WPT. 

Going into day 3 of WPT Event 3 Montreal at Playground Poker I was sitting 26/28 with a tiny stack. I spent the morning trying to figure out if It would be best to fold my first hand and hope for someone to bust and take a $200 pay jump.

After looking at the positions of the stack sizes, I figured my best play would be to jam a little wider than NES if the first hand was folded to me. I was UTG +1 at a 7 Player table. I looked down at my first hand and had Q8s that made my play pretty easy and I jammed. The reason I picked this spot was simple. The button was a <10bb stack and both the SB and BB had 12-19BBs. I had already planned this play when I saw the seating draw posted online with chipstacks. Later I found out that the big blind had folded 33. He took forever to fold.

Right before the second hand a player busted and we had a table redraw.

I went through the blinds. I was folded to in the BB and I looked down at 58s so I jammed and was snapped off with A5 but I hit a straight.

A little while later I woke up with 99 utg. I raised and was jammed on by the BB. I knew I was in a race, but I was already on a freeroll. My 99 held. Looks like I was going to be playing for a bit and my plans to watch Dumb and Dumber 2 last night would have to wait.

My biggest flaw playing live is I don’t have the experience. I love playing, but I am not good with the chips and I often get confused with my chip stack and raise a bit too large or when players are talking I can’t focus as well. I have only played about 12 – 15 live events lifetime, I know I will get stronger at this in time.

So what happened?

Raymond raised 600k. I 3-bet
He pondered for a moment before announcing all-in, and Lesley made the quick call.

Raymond: 7c8c
Lesley: QdQc

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me, and I watched my second chance at winning a bracelet go bye bye, but I am extremely happy with the way I played and ecstatic that I was able to come from 3rd last with a 28 left and finish 3rd for $22k.

I am going back on Monday to play the $300 6-max. 


  • Daniel72
    Daniel72 (2 years ago)

    Nice blog and great result, Lesley!

  • nutbreaker
    nutbreaker (2 years ago)

    Thanks Daniel,

    They have a event coming up again here in montreal soon. Can't wait to play.

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