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13 Apr, 2015

I am once again taking on new students for micro/small stakes coaching, and wanted to officially make a post with all of the relevant information:


About Myself

I am a longtime winning SSNL player looking to teach a solid low variance style for crushing the micros and moving up in stakes. I have logged countless hours coaching hundreds of students over the last 8+ years, and have produced many highly rated instructional videos for Bluefire Poker since 2011.

I believe that the most important thing that you need to learn in order to become a winning poker player is how to play a fundamentally sound tight aggressive (TAG) game. As you progress at poker it is when and how you choose to stray from the basics that will define you as a player. My coaching program is designed to teach you those TAG fundamentals, as well as instill in you the necessary thought processes to move beyond standard play, in order to succeed in the many different game conditions you will encounter as you move up in stakes.

My Online Poker Results

My old PT3 database:



My current HEM2 database of all my recent online play:



1-1 Coaching Options

During a typical first coaching session we will review  your HEM/PT database (if available), hand histories, and a video recording of a standard session of your play, in order to highlight all basic and immediately correctable leaks. First sessions are primarily focused on fundamental play, standard ranges, and analysis of your poker thought process.  Additional sessions will involve a more in depth look at your play, adjustments vs. various different player types, balanced vs exploitative plays, and detailed discussion of all of the most common poker situations including c-betting, double, and triple barreling, inducing bluffs, and bluff catching, as well as simple combo, equity, and range analysis.




$120/4hr block

Payments are accepted on Paypal only at this time


Contact Information

Bluefire memebers can PM me here or,

Email - whirleymob [@] gmail.com

2+2 (PM)  - whirleymob

Skype - whirleymob 


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