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20 Jun, 2015

My road to poker immortality started when i was 12, learning five card draw from my grandpa. we would play for small change and i was fascinated with the game even though i lost around 100% of the time. skip forward 4 years (not having done much else with poker but felt like it was an important piece to add when and how i learned.) Anyways, my friends and i were hosting weekly tournaments for around 5 dollars a tournament while my very best friend and i started to learn the strategy behind the game. we started learning very slowly due to the fact we did not know how to study the game. we started playing anywhere and everywhere we could, in school and after. we downloaded fulltiltpoker on all our schools' computers and soon we had around 30+ people playing. one of the people who went to our home games would always seem to be doing very well with play money online and one day he came in and showed us his 8 million play chip account. naturally we wanted to one up him and soon freerolls and micro stakes were the knew thing. i actually ended up with around 50$ from 5 before going broke (i didnt not know enough BR management) my other friends had reloaded an uncountable amount. It was not long after my friend learned of my "big score" and again wanted to one up me so at the old age of 16 we found ourselves getting good at sneaking into our local racino. the was only one guy at a podium checking ID's and we would usually pretend we were on our phones or go in with a huge spurt of people. one could usually find us at the 2-4 spread tables for a while but i soon realized with the rake and variance was a hard/if not impossible game to turn a profit from. i quickly moved up to 2-10 and eventually within a couple monthe 2-60 spread.i turned a decent profit im sure after losing my first few grand,.

In january of 2012 i decided to join the navy. after black friday happened, i assumed because i was staioned in japan i would be able to play on fulltilt or pokersarts again but i was wrong. (i was on a US base.) since then i have pretty much been improving through videos online and have now registered with this site. i get out of the navy in about six months and my goal is to move to vegas for a little while to see how i do grinding cash games and mtt tournaments. My apologies if this blog was boring this is my first blog ever and i felt rather bored writing it. No worries, after all i plan on becoming a professional poker player one day, not a journalist or author.

Just wanted to get more involved in the poker world as i am about to become part of it soon, (whether or not i succeed.) Any comments or questions about it would be greatly appreciated!!! 


  • nutbreaker
    nutbreaker (2 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing. If you work hard you can succeed! Keep studying, the more you work on your game the better advantage you will have.

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