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07 Oct, 2015
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Mutu in 2003 to 15.8 million pounds worth switched from Parma to Chelsea, one year after he was found cocaine and sentenced to suspended seven-month worldwide, desperation fired Chelsea to advance. But then something unexpected happened let Chelsea, Mutu after the 2004 global suspensions join Juventus in January the following year. The summer of 2006, Juventus 6 million pounds of the price to sell it in Florence. Chelsea Mutu pit feeling of being miserable, so they will be Mutu in 2005 reported on the Swiss Court of Arbitration for Sport, the final court verdict, the Mutu to Chelsea have to pay 14.5 million pounds in damages. However, until now Chelsea failed to fully get this compensation. When the suckers Chelsea ready to continue the discussion to say, and hope that FIFA can once again involved in the matter, the club spokesman said: 'We have to exercise our power and to seek redress through legal means in order to get the debt, We will continue to do so. 'Mutu to Chelsea tried to claim the purchase of three properties in Miami to sell and raise millions of pounds in order to pay the money to Chelsea fifa 16 coins. Mutu's situation is not very good, 34-year-old Romanian striker currently playing for Ligue Al Kershaw, he had already expressed their intention to retire after the end of next season. 'Le Monde' first disclosure of the Bayer Leverkusen striker has reached an agreement with Chelsea on a five-year contract, just waiting for the two clubs reached an agreement with the transfer mode. The 'Kicker' website also revealed  Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voeller and is currently in London, responsible for negotiating with Chelsea transfer issues Xu Earle, is expected this weekend will be concluded. German media that will become part of the transaction within Xu Earle currently on loan from Chelsea to Werder Bremen midfielder  Belgium. According to the 'Kicker' website reported, Voller and  after the completion of negotiations with Chelsea almost certainly from London to Brussels, in consultation with the broker  inside. Before joining Chelsea, within  played for Genk, Genk and only a half hour away from Leverkusen. This season, Debu Lao inherent Bremen played well, but has repeatedly complained about the lack of family warmth in northern Germany. Join Leverkusen, then, for both sports and life  within a whole. But within  he recently said he knew nothing about the relevant message, and there is news that Dortmund also intends to offer 17 million euros to acquire. As a German international, Xu Earle is now worth around 25 million euros in. As early as last summer, Chelsea had offer 20 million euros, so this summer, the transaction price is certainly not less than 20 million euros.


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