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Cavs win the NBA lottery, where do they go from here

21 May, 2013

For the second time in 3yrs, the Cavs won the lottery tonight, after finishing with the 4th worst record and only a 15% chance of binking it. Going into this offseason the Cavs already had a really intriguing situation, with a ton of cap space to improve their young core. Using the info from Shamsp... Read More →

The Future of the Houston Rockets

21 Apr, 2013

With the playoffs starting this week, the OKC/Houston series looks to be the most exciting in round 1, with both teams playing a very up tempo style that is very entertaining to watch. I profiled Houston a little in my previous blog around the trade deadline, and they are probably one of the most in... Read More →

NBA Trade Deadline 2/21, some things to lookout for

19 Feb, 2013

This year definitely has the potential to be a very active trade deadline. In addition to the big names being rumored around, I think there are some interesting situations related to the luxury tax that could yield some unexpected trades.   The luxury tax number for 2013 is set at $70.3m,... Read More →

Rudy Gay to Toronto trade

31 Jan, 2013

Today's trade involving Memphis, Toronto, and Detroit was pretty interesting. After Memphis dumped salary to Cleveland last week, it seemed like Rudy Gay would be with the team for the rest of this season, but apparently that was wrong. Here are my thoughts on the deal in relation to the teams invol... Read More →

Chip Kelly and the Eagles

22 Jan, 2013

I know I haven't written a blog in a really long time, but I definitely want to start expressing my thoughts on both NFL and NBA events, focusing mainly on the organizational side of things, as I find that to be just as interesting as the actual games. Today I'm going to start by breaking down why P... Read More →

Grantland Poker Article by Rounders co-writer

17 Jun, 2011

Last week, ESPN and Bill Simmons launched a website called Grantland, which has so far been very entertaining, with interesting articles written by quality writers. For someone like me who watches many hours of sports per week, the free content at Grantland has been a nice addition to my daily acti... Read More →

Bought a z32, and upcoming 9 man video

31 Jan, 2011

For those that don't know, my screenname is derived from the Nissan 300zx from '90-'96, which has the chassis code z32. I currently own a 350z, which is a z33, but previously own a non-turbo '91 300zx in high school and early college before trading it for the 350z. I've always considered the 300zx t... Read More →

Went to Spurs/Knicks game, had really good seats

22 Jan, 2011

I've been getting into watching the NBA this season and got 3rd row seats to the Knicks @ Spurs game last night, which is only about 60-90 minutes from Austin. I didn't realize it until we got there but we were literally sitting right behind the ESPN crew (Breen, JVG, Mark Jackson), which I wa... Read More →

Intro and HH review plan

10 Jan, 2011

Hey everyone, glad to be here and I hope I can help people improve their SNG games. I have played thousands and thousands of games at different types of SNGs from 9 mans to 180s, so hopefully I can help people at a wide variety of SNGs.   I''m going to be making videos primarily through h... Read More →