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15 Apr, 2012

(copying a post i just made on my local forum, its 343am and play resumes at 1PM and id like to work out before heading out so im just pasting this and not formatting etc)

LoL Live Poker.

Me and Frank (buddy I am travelling with, OTT CANADA on stars) just spent the day destroying what is most certainly the softest 1K I have ever played. What a great day!!!

At one point Frank got moved to the table behind, and then we both starting building our stacks, talking to each other back adn forth, which mostly consisted of us updating each others constantly growing stack sizes. Just hilarious. We would get up, talk and laugh amongsts us about how horrible everyone the people at our tables were and just minraised our way to big stacks. 

With 30 left, me and Frank were 1 and 2 in chips.  We raped the tables sooo badly... I did a lot of 4bet-shoving when people tried to 3bet me since I was opening so much and only got called when I had QQ Smiley  Frank spent the day making hilarious 3bet click-backs all the time.   For those that dont know,  'click-back' is a term that comes from online where instead of entering your raise amount in the textbox you just click the raise button, and re-raise the minimum.  Live click-backs are hilarious because it confuses the fuck out of everyone.  Frank would click-it-back (cib) , the players would be confused, the dealer would say that the raise size is not enough, Frank would correct the dealer, the dealer would realize Frank is correct, the villain would call-chk-fold and think Frank had AA. LOL

Like any good epic story, there needs to be some sort of set-back for the hero... unfortunately Frank lost a massive flip on the last hand of the day with AK to 99.  He is crushed down to 11BB when we restart and I am chip leader with 58BBs.   SInce these live donks have no clue about proper shoving ranges (they dont even know calling-ranges exists) im pretty confident Frank will be able to work up his stack as long as villains dont wake up with AQ+TT+. 

I myself will be opening 100% of hands when folded to me until we reach the money.

I opened 100% when folded to me for the last 2 orbits tonight but I didnt open that much cause I get the nits had hands and were opening to 3 or 3.5BBs (lol).  When I did open it cost me a bit of chips since i had 93, 84o, J2o but I did make a good hero call on the river with 93o on a board of 234Q8.  I raised pre from sb and 'decent but not refined' villain defends BB.   Chk-chk the 234 flop ( dont want to give him the chance to raise my cbet with a naked Ace) , I bet small on the turn, he calls. I check river and he bets like 40%pot or so. I look at him and say '' I really dont believe you, I think you are bluffing ''.  He kind of nods in agreement so I snap him off.  He shows KJhigh and I proudly table 93o.  I give shoutout to the winner of the 600$ event (online grinder that I talked too yesterday) who is on the rail and cheering for me.

'' Guess they sent their best guys from Ottawa ''  - Winnipeg Open Tournament Director

I plan on winning the Manitoba Poker Open and then never returning to Winnipeg.  



  • EightySix
    EightySix (5 years ago)

    Never returning to Winnipeg? You should visit again in January when it is about -40 over there.

    After you win the Manitoba Poker Open, will you enter the Moosejaw Poker Open in neighbouring Saskatchewan?

  • DarinVanGammeren
    DarinVanGammeren (5 years ago)

    LOL, nice! Good luck!

  • StephaneBisson
    StephaneBisson (5 years ago)

    :( :( :( :(

    My buddy busted 15th and I busted 14th. This si SOOOOO disapointing. I ran so incredibly bad today. I will go in more details in a future blog post but on the 3rd hand of the day I opened 55 from the cutoff and the only ''capable'' (had good aggro instincts but wasnt refined and his bet sizing was consistently non-optimal) 3bets me from the button. (young, confident looking,spikey-haired player. Told me on day1 that he didnt play online and I believed him)

    He is 2nd in chips at the table. I have 58BBs, he has 31BB and the rest are between 21-9bbs (22 left, 17 pay). I open for a min raise to 12k and he 3bets to 27k. I click-it-back to 42K and he thinks for a while and clearly hates life at that ponit. He eventually calls, as I expected him too. A92 flop and I cbet 36k when he quickly shoves. I hollywood for a bit and fold and he shows 99. The next hand he asks me if I think he should have flatted my bet ... I look at him, smile, and say '' nice hand ''. Couple hands later, he tries to justify his fold to me by saying '' I just really didnt want you to catch up.. or maybe catch a card on the turn that would commit you to the pot with a draw ... so I was happy to take the pot there! But maybe I should have just called your bet .. '' . Thats how bad the next best competition was :( :( He folds his 99 on sooooo many boards and I take a commanding chip lead on the bubble on a table filled with horrible, scared players. Everyone knew I thought I was the best player left... I made sure to let them know that as often as possibe on day 1 when I was rolling with my chip lead, talking loudly to my buddy at the other table about how i was building my stack and making sure all 3 remaining tables could hear me.

    So after the villain flopped a set in our 4bet pot , we were even chipped. I toned down my aggression preflop and was cruising along nicely until a older bad villain opened to 3.5x on the button. He had been opening a lot in late position and was always opening for at least 3X. I never had hands to play back at him but knew I was going to be able to eventually take advantage of his way-too-big opens from LP. When the other tight/45yo small blind shoved his 10bb stack in the pot I had a tough decision when I woke up with AJ in the bb. I knew the sb was a tight but attentive player and he certainly knew that bad-villain was opening light from the button. I took a good look at both villains aand when they realized I had a legit decision they both looked scared. I was confident AJ was wayyy ahead of the button (20bb stack) and the sb that shoved did not look confident. I considered folding to lower variance in a high-variance, low-edge spot but my physical reads on both villains really gave me a strong impression that they were both weak. I shoved, button folds and the small blind held with 77. AJ < 77 for 10bbs and that crippled me down to 20bb.

    Playing 7 handed I opened 99 with 20bb stack to 16K . Competent looking young player with a big stack 3bets me to 40K and I snap shove allin when its back to me. After he tanks for over 3minutes im feeling very good with 99. Im hoping he folds his overcards.... but he eventually calls! Im thinking this a race but NOOOO this idiot tanked with QQ. Although to me this felt like a slow roll, I know the villain didnt slowroll and was legit in a tought spot with QQ vs a 20bb stack... is this real life???? The worst is that QQ idiot and set-of-99 idiot both chopped this event last year for 17k each... ?!?!?!!??!??!?!?!?

    So disapointing :( :( :( I feel like I had at least 15-20k equity with my stack and this field and I had to run fuckin horrible to cash for only 3k :( :( :(

    My buddy was working his 11BB stack pretty hard, quickly shoving allin every couple hands and buildilng up to 20BB. On the exact bubble, with 18 left, my buddy shoved his 8bb from middle position and a asian kid (that got 3rd in the 600$ event 3days earlier for 12k) starts tanking. He has 6bb and eventually folds... and then tells me he folded AK. ! ! ! ! !! ! IS THIS REAL LIFE This guy was also among '' the best remaining players'' other then me and my buddy.

    Ugh so sad thinking about how UL I got. I dont regret any of my plays and feel like me and my buddy put on a clinic for the past 2 days. Both of us cashing is still pretty good but omg is it ever disapoiting :(

    Next tourney is in Calgary in 4 days .. a 1100$ event with 30K starting stack and 1hour blinds. I can already smell that dirty oil poker money and this little bankroll boost means I can take a few shots at some 5-10$nl games while in Calgary. I had a set amount of money set aside for this trip and I dont mind going back home having spent it all. Its basically travelling money that I am also using to play poker.. so if i make money at poker I can chose to either move up in stakes or travel in luxury :)

    Since I really dont mind travelling in economy class, guess I will get to play some 5-10$ :)

  • StephaneBisson
    StephaneBisson (5 years ago)

    looks like I forgot to mention that I had 55 in that first and critical hand where I 4bet pre

  • Jimbozgrapes
    Jimbozgrapes (5 years ago)

    I wish i could win 3k :(

  • richer97
    richer97 (5 years ago)

    hahaha, I'm dealing in that Calgary game, hope there is gona be a good crowd

  • Tier1Capital
    Tier1Capital (5 years ago)

    I'm the worst tournament player I know....except that everybody I play with is worse than me b/c they're like the QQ guy you mention above.

    Last week I had a guy "set mine" from the SB w/ 33 and a 9.5BB stack. Last year (and I SWEAR this is true) I was just messing around drunk hanging out with a buddy playing the nightly $80 at one of the ****holes on Fremont St., and a guy with a 6BB stack limp-folded UTG to my shove after I looked at one card and said, "That's an ace, I'm all in!!!"

    They wanted to chop 6-handed (the tourney had ~20 players) and I refused, 5-handed and I refused, 4-handed and I refused after being asked 3 times. When it got to 3-handed the two 80-year old guys said, "You can have 1st place money if we can chop 2nd and 3rd."

  • StephaneBisson
    StephaneBisson (5 years ago)

    LOLLLL Awesome story Tier1Captial . Nothing like chopping for 1st place money :) :) :)

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