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17 Aug, 2011

Hey Guys,

So I've been in full grind mode since I've gotten setup in Vancouver.  Some might say I should go out and experience the city, but those people don't understand how much I enjoy being inside and playing poker.

I've been running pretty hot, which has been a nice welcome back to online poker.  I actually think this is the first period of time I've run well above EV since at least a couple of years ago (according to HEM AIev, which isn't that meaningful).


I've put in a pretty good amount of hands, especially considering that HEM doesn't track 2-7 or any of the stud games.  I wouldn't say games have been great (and definitely not often very big), but there's at least been something to play most days since I've been here.

I think I'm on the wrong sleep schedule to get a lot of action.  People seem to be playing from 3am to noon my time, and that's mostly when I've been sleeping.  I've considered trying to adjust my schedule, but so far, I haven't pulled the trigger.

Some friends are coming to visit this week (tonight actually), so I probably won't play as much in the next couple days.  I guess I'll finally get out of the house.

Not much else is going on, so I'll leave you with that.  Good luck, guys.




  • jressle
    jressle (6 years ago)

    post girah, how are we supposed to know those results are real?

  • (6 years ago)

    one of the dumbest comments ive ever read. if you dont think galfond is trustworthy at this point wtf are you doing here. dont let other peoples fuk ups cloud your judgement of someone like galfond

  • yummygummy
    yummygummy (6 years ago)

    but how much did you lose?

  • durzaaaa
    durzaaaa (6 years ago)

    lol yeah i would say those 2 questions are equal in their stupidity

  • (6 years ago)

    Phil straight beasting. Standard

  • iggyping
    iggyping (6 years ago)

    Good thing those 2-7 results aren't recorded phil /P

    nice results though!

  • MoniesRemovalPLC
    MoniesRemovalPLC (6 years ago)

    living the dream :~)

  • (6 years ago)

    @durzaaaa it is safe to safe that both ressle and yummy are being facetious in their comments :)

    iggy, I watched most of the matches, and would be surprised if he isn't +350k at 2-7 since the move.

    Keep crushin Phil.

  • RunlikeGump
    RunlikeGump (6 years ago)

    Nice to see you back online Phil, keep crushing!


  • DaveSave
    DaveSave (6 years ago)

    time to record even more PLO videos for more karma rungood! :)

    keep running goood!

  • durzaaaa
    durzaaaa (6 years ago)

    i knew the second comment was faceitious i thought it was funny, the first one im not convinced

  • huntse
    huntse (6 years ago)

    So you were getting owned at 3/6 and 5/10 and the success started when you moved up to where they respect your raises. :-)

    Nice to see you back crushing. Have a nice time in Vancouver! Great city.

  • (6 years ago)

    Is there any way to change the website background? text color? how can people read blueish text over blueish background?

  • (6 years ago)

    Because they have the blue fire in their hearts

  • RitaNg123
    RitaNg123 (6 years ago)

    Yay Canada! You should move to Calgary next :)

  • nybs
    nybs (6 years ago)

    if you come to vancouver island i can give you a tour and we can hang out

  • d0nkbet
    d0nkbet (6 years ago)

    Your a beast phil!

  • BrianFite
    BrianFite (6 years ago)

    lol I should have learned cash games :/

  • Dubnjoy000
    Dubnjoy000 (6 years ago)

    Hey Phil, happy to hear Vancouver and was wondering if you can make an appearance at the BC championship at the River Rock in late October. It would just be great for the event to have someone like you show up. Just asking man, keep up the good work!


  • (6 years ago)

  • Videos
    Videos (6 years ago)

    Why are you not posting videos on a regular basis anymore? I miss having one/week!

  • (6 years ago)

    Hey Phil, we've been discussing a sick hand from a year or so ago between Ivey and Jason Mercier in the forum where Ivey raises 99 on him in a pretty sick spot (I wouldn't be surprised if you've seen it before). If you're able to, please check out the thread (, I think there's been some very good analysis of the hand in the thread and the only thing that could make it better is the two cents of a great player who's actually played with Ivey before and has a better idea of how thinks. Anyway this has been a bit long winded but I (and I'm sure all the bluefire members who have been following the thread) would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

  • Zach
    Zach (5 years ago)

    This site is useless now

  • lka
    lka (5 years ago)

    the next video its going to be the bible thats why he needs 2months!!!!prob 6 hours long and will include some STRIP show or something.

    take ur time we still paying ur rent

  • Marsupial
    Marsupial (5 years ago)

    u r the man!!!!

  • Bhodiwat1
    Bhodiwat1 (5 years ago)

    Hope you r well Phil!

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