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19 Jan, 2012


Oh, hey there. Been a while. 


I'm pretty sure many of you, fellow readers, have been wondering where I've been - as in "where the fuck is Giggy?". Very legit question, and I'll try to give as detailed an answer as possible. I'll begin with my most sincere apologies, as I understand that I have recently, without explanations, basically stopped doing any videos. I should have explained that drop in production via my blog instead of letting people guessing, and I'm sorry for that. The truth is that I was in a reflexion period, which has lead me to giving up on poker coaching altogether.


First, I want to clarify a very important point. My quitting of BFP has absolutely, literally, nothing to do with Phil quitting, or with any other recent developments in the company. I took my decision about a week before learning about Phil's departure, and I haven't talked to him in over a year. I don't have a clue about his reasons - saying that because I've been asked many times recently, especially in my recent PCA trip - but I'll try to explain mine the best I can.


The short answer is pretty simple; I've lost the desire. The more videos I was making, the less enjoyment I was getting from them. Poker brought me the purest kind of liberty I could ever imagine, which is the possibility of only doing stuff that I want to do. I know life isn't supposed to work like that, but I run good. I just couldn't bring myself to do something I didn't really feel like doing, knowing that I had an easy (lazy) way out.


The long answer is a bit more complex. As everyone reading this knows, the situation of online poker has deteriorated pretty fucking quick since Black Friday. Now don't panic. Poker isn't dead. It's just kind of like the big old workplace printer that keeps bugging, except that ours is printing money instead of documents. It used to be all new and fresh and everybody had lots of fun using it and discovering all the new functions. As the years go by, some people start having trouble with it, and the wiser ones realize that you need to take good care of it so that it functions properly. Suddenly, unexpectedly, a random asshole (let's call him Black Friday) starts smashing the printer with a baseball bat. The printer is all fucked up… only a few functions are still working, and it needs more and more time, effort and good care to print anything. Everyone's waiting on the repairman, meanwhile doing their best to print enough so that no one notices their productivity drop. The repairman is taking a long time to show up (probably because he's the same random asshole who broke it in the first place), so some guys build their own printers to stay productive. It's not as good as the big old workplace printer, but it gets the job done… Let's just say that I'm kind of reluctant about giving everyone access to my new printer, as it might kill my own productivity while waiting on the repairman. 


I also have recently been offered a really interesting job offer I couldn't refuse. It's a long and complicated story that I don't feel like telling, but it has absolutely nothing to do with poker. It is a brand new challenge for me, and I haven't felt that motivated about something since my first Sunday Million. Factoring all that in, and adding the fact that I'm a lazy perfectionist (oh the sweet combo), I decided to just pull the plug on my poker coaching career. If my calculations are correct, it should give me just enough energy to correctly balance playing poker, working part-time, playing golf and (most importantly) watching sports on t.v. in a rocking chair.


I want to thank everyone - à la Academy Awards - who took part in my poker coaching adventure. From the guys on top, who gave me a chance to make videos and silly jokes on BlueFire Poker, to every member/student who gave all the positive feedback that made me enjoy the run so much. 


gl to y'all, hope we'll meet at the highest possible stakes !



  • StephaneBisson
    StephaneBisson (5 years ago)

    Loved the printer analogy -- lol

    Good luck with everything!

  • (5 years ago)

    C'tu Mathpok le repairman?!?

  • ferainho
    ferainho (5 years ago)

    Legend! Thank you so much for your vids and gl in the future.

  • SexyHero
    SexyHero (5 years ago)

    thanks man , your are the best EVER

  • EightySix
    EightySix (5 years ago)

    A Giggy moment:

    November 8, 2010. Jonathan Duhamel about to go heads up against John Racener for the wsop main event title. Duhamel has a 6 to 1 chip lead going in. Just before heads up gets under way, a nervous Duhamel turns to Dr Giggy and says in french:

    Tell me I'm good.

    Giggy = Legend.

  • biwinning
    biwinning (5 years ago)

    gl man, your videos had always made my day! :)

  • menlol
    menlol (5 years ago)

    Ty, good blog, however that´s all I needed to know in order to confirm that BFP sucks nowadays. Quitting BFP as we speak,

  • DustySchmidt
    DustySchmidt (5 years ago)

    Thanks for the great stuff Giggy. I know your videos sure helped me whenever I was struggling. Your content will certainly be missed, but I think I have a good idea where your head is at and wish you the best with everything!

  • JPette333
    JPette333 (5 years ago)

    merci Giggy et bonne chance!

  • (5 years ago)

    Times must be tough if you are fixing printers.

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