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13 Dec, 2012

Hello fellow poker'ers,

As noone probably noticed it has been quite some time since my last post. You're welcome. I'm not much of a blogger or one that is going to create riveting reading material on a weekly basis, but I do enjoy being a part of this site and want to contribute as much as possible to its success. 

Recently, for reasons I cannot mention, I was asked to take a step back and analyze what seperated me from other players. Again, I am not able to go into much detail on this, but I will say that my first thought was, "heh... i learned how to overbet pretty early!" I was joking, but it really was the truth to some extent. Not so much that I learned how to overbet, or even the overbets themselves, but the willingness to learn and try out new approaches to the game.

I tell that story because I think this is a process poker players (and people in general) should go through every so often... taking a step back and looking at the big picture. Ask yourself these questions:

What makes me good at what I do? Why am I bad at certain things? How am I working to improve? Is there something out there I'm not considering?

That last one is a big one for me... and probably for most of the types of players that are drawn to poker. We are a select few that inherently believe we know more than "you." And most of the time, specifically in poker, that is true. However, if you never stop and ask yourself these questions, will you ever have that ah-ha! moment that every nosebleed player remembers vividly? I can promise you every single crusher at 5knl+ could tell you what they ate for lunch the day they realized they didn't HAVE to fold to 3bets oop w/o the top 20% of their range or when they made their first Qhigh calldown. Hell, I remember what was on TV in the background the first time i c/jammed the river with air after the board bricked (Coleman playing FIFA). 

Continuing down the path of improvement once you've had your moment isn't always a smooth ride, either. The first player who ever really tried to convice me I should be c-betting middle pair was absolutely correct in his thinking and advice... which promptly resulted in a 150 BI downswing for me. Although I was prepared for an adjustment, I was not prepared to think about that adjustment. I was auto-piloting a thought process and that is an extremely dangerous combination. 

Don't rush your improvement.

OK, that last statement was sortof a test to make sure everyone is still paying attention. I believe quite the opposite. Probably the biggest factor contributing to my advancement was my willingness to battle good players. Although bankroll management was a concept that eluded me, there is no way I would be the player I am today without the time I spent playing other solid, thinking players. Its always been my belief that regs are too nitty with game selection. Go out and start 2 tabling against someone that can tie their shoes. Then review your match and spend some time thinking about how you could have approached it differently. There is no use in battling without spending the away-from-tables time studying your game.

I just created a new topic in the forums to advertise a new series we will be releasing very soon, and I guess that is what spurred this flury of self-realization. It made me think back to how great it was to look at my own progress on a daily basis. And that made me think about why I couldn't still do the same thing.


Why settle for beer money when you can make boat money?





  • Jimbozgrapes
    Jimbozgrapes (4 years ago)

    You should blog more, a good read.

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