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27 Jan, 2011



Hey guys,

So I told myself I was gonna blog today no matter what.  Unfortunately for you guys, that means you gotta see a lil "beat" graph.  I''ll throw up a big ol'' disclaimer saying this:

-I have run great recently in two tourneys and one of them was a pretty big one.

-I like my life a lot and think that in the grand scheme of things, I have run really great.

-This is a pretty small stretch of runbad over a pretty small sample.

Okay, now I can complain. :)  I have had so much going on lately that I haven''t play much online in a pretty damn long time now. I have a ton going on again starting Sunday, so I wanted to try and get at least some online time in this week.  At first it felt good to actually play some online poker, as I really have loved it for years now and miss it.  The last couple days, I was reminded how it can suck.

Now, its only ten buy-ins below All-in EV, but I feel like I ran really bad in situations that don''t show up in AIEV.  Especially any time I was slowplaying in any situation for balance/exploit purposes, I just ran up against awful turn and river cards. I''ve run this bad a million times, but I think I am a little disenchanted as I ran pretty crazy bad online last year.  I still made money online, just not as much as the years before. Of course, I ran great live.  Anyway, when getting back to it, it would be nice to start with a little rungood.

The good news is that I am still anxious to get back to grinding online in a few weeks. I plan to spend as much time as I can talking about poker with other players that I think are really good and really put time into my game. Its been a long time since I have seriously worked on my game, and I am overdue.  I have run bad online lately, but the games are getting tougher, and by not playing/working on my game I certainly have fallen behind a little bit. I am not saying I know of any specifics right now, it's just the way it is.  There are thousands of online and live cash game pros working very hard on their games all the time.  Whenever I am not working on my game, I am losing some of my edge on the field.  

When I get back, I plan to grind some 5/10 and put a lot of time into poker. I am not sure yet what game I am gonna focus on when I get back to grinding.  PLO is most likely, but I may put some time into NL cash or maybe even mixed games. We will see.

As far as everything else goes, life is busy but good.  We are getting settled into our new house which is really nice.  Its a much nicer house than I ever really thought I would own, and i am grateful that I can afford it.

This weekend I am playing in a local tournament at Canterbury Park. Then on Monday I am playing in a celeb charity tournament for a local baseball league. I am pretty excited about that one, should be fun. It is also at Canterbury. Tuesday, I am get to do the "Let''s Play Hockey" announcement at a MN Wild game. Thursday, I leave for a 3day ski trip with a group of ~30 friends. Each year that trip gets bigger and its always a blast.

Finally, on Monday, I am leaving for Foxwoods Casino in CT for the November 9 Reunion event that Bernard Lee put together. Its gonna be awesome to have everyone in the same place. I haven''t seen a lot of the guys since the final table, and I really look forward to hanging out with everyone. Unfortunately, my ski trip conflicts with the first few days of the event. I am gonna miss out on some pretty cool stuff they have setup for us including a big night out on Saturday. Its unfortunate, but I just can''t miss the ski trip.  Too many of my favorite people in the world are gonna be in the same place. I have to be there.

Anyway, I get back from Foxwoods on Feb 13th.  My little brother has his first child due around then! Its the first grandkid for my parents, etc, so that will be really exciting. I am sure I will be heading up to Grand Forks sometime around when the baby is born.  After that, I am going to actually try and work/earn money as I outlined earlier in this ridiculously long blog post.

If you are in the area, I will also be on KFAN tomorrow morning at 9:55am to do an interview with Paul Allen.

Final quick thought, I am a bit worried about going so long without grinding online.  Obviously, I am doing fine financially right now, but I really want to get back to making money / lock down some of the spending. Moving into a new house, travelling to a bunch of live poker events, etc is really expensive, and I just want to make sure I don''t blow the extra money I have around right now. I just need to make sure I work hard when I can get back to grinding it out.

Thanks to those who got this far in this post. :)  Hope everyone is doing well.



  • LowWater
    LowWater (6 years ago)

    Fortunately, you don't suck. Thanks for the stellar videos, BTW. I'm new around here and just watched "Two Views". I found it exceptional.

    Congrats on your soon-to-be new nephew!

  • JasonSenti
    JasonSenti (6 years ago)

    Thanks a lot LowWater! I'm glad to hear you like my vids. I really do appreciate it.

  • volpino
    volpino (6 years ago)

    That chart makes me feel better about how bad I've run lately. Cold then beaten on the river so many times. So you know, there's that at least.

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