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07 Jun, 2011

I am planning my next video series to be at small stakes PLO. If someone would be willing to record a session for me to review as a video, let me know. I am hoping to get something by Wednesday morning if possible. Otherwise, I will look for other options for now. I am sure I will be doing more reviews in the future either way, so let me know if you are interested.

You can email me at:




  • gosubay
    gosubay (6 years ago)

    hey jason, I have already recorded a PLO100 SH session, 50 min long 4 tabling. I will send you the links soon

  • JasonSenti
    JasonSenti (6 years ago)

    Hey gosubay,

    Thank you for the offer, but someone has already gotten me a video. I would be happy to review one of your vids down the road, though. I will certainly be doing more reviews throughout the year.

  • gosubay
    gosubay (6 years ago)

    ok thanks anyway

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