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01 Apr, 2011

Hey guys,

It has been too long since I last blogged. I was going to push it off again today since there is a lot to catch up on, but I decided I should at least make a short post and maybe I'll do a bunch of catching up later.

I have been home for a month now, and it has been nice. I had one great long weekend where a bunch of friends were in town, and I have another one planned next weekend. I have started "grinding" a bit online again for the first time in what seems like forever. It has been good getting back to working on my online/cash game, but my results are pretty awful to start. I have been playing primarily 5/10 PLO with a little bit of 10/20 mixed in there.

Before getting back into grinding, I took a good look at my plo/nlhe cash stats from the last year or so. I knew that I had a much weaker year online last year than the previous few, but really hadn't looked at it thoroughly. I played very little from July through the beginning of this year because of the focus I put on november 9 related activities (interviews, live tourneys, etc). Fortunately, my winrates were better than expected, although I ran pretty bad at 10/20 and 25/50. As result, I didn't make all that much money last year and as mentioned, I didn't play a lot of hands. I did still have a decent-sized sample (few hundred k hands) from the last year and my winrate was quite good.

Thanks to that review, I went into the games pretty confident. I was all ready to grind a lot of hands and work hard on my PLO game. I decided to take a fair amount of money offline (other investments, etc), and start back up grinding at 5/10. The first couple sessions went all right, but then I pretty much lost every day for a few weeks and I have officially started grinding again with a 40 BI downswing.

It really isn't the way I hoped things would start (obviously), but PLO is a swingy game, so I am not getting too discouraged. I am, however, taking some time to review my play, watch training vids, and talk to several friends who are very good PLO players. So far, things look pretty good although I am finding a few things I should be working on. I am starting to see that it looks mostly like the bad side of variance, but it is really important I take a good look at my game during downswings. This is especially true when I haven't been playing a lot in the past number of months.

The most unfortunate part is that I just took a lot of money offline and am approaching online busto! I don't really want to play below 5/10 as I certainly can afford to play higher, but I really don't want to have to find a way to make a deposit. When I start playing again on Monday, I might grind some 3/6 for awhile and take it from there.

Despite the downswing, I am excited to dedicate time to my online cash game again and try and get into a regular routine. I haven't had a regular schedule in nearly 9 months now. I think trying to stick to a schedule for a few months would be good for my sanity/health.

That's all for now. Today is my lovely wife Jessy's birthday. Gonna do some celebrating tonight.




  • FieldAntifield
    FieldAntifield (6 years ago)

    This is bad luck man - fist a 40BI downswing and then the US government crackdown on american players/sites. I feel the pain.

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