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16 Feb, 2014

Hey All,


I have temporarily moved to Hawaii for a couple months.  For the most part it has been fun in the sun, but no online games, and I'm struggling to find private games as well, so I'm focusing on coaching at the moment.  I do love it here though.  We have a place 50 yds from the beach which means amazing swimming pretty much every day and I've found a good regular soccer meet up which is great too. I'm going to try to get into surfing as well, we missed the 50ft waves on North Shore by about a week.  Those might not have been good to learn on though.  Anyway, if anyone is interested in coaching I have dropped my rates since I have time to take on a few more students:


Customer service and satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. I can guarantee I will not nickel and dime you for every e-mail I get, every minute of time we go over, etc. I am getting well paid for this service and you deserve hard work.

Lesson Structure
The best way to assess a player and identify major leaks, is to do a HH review first, imo. In this review, I am not skimming through just looking for hands that you've played, as do many coaches. I am going through every hand to see if there are any reads or other gameflow/timing elements we can look out for, I am using flopzilla, SNGwiz, and whatever math necessary to breakdown important key hands so they are easily understood. I guarantee you this prep time takes much more than the hour I bill for. After our first session, we can go in any direction. We can focus on the leaks I brought up, continue with more hand histories, or we can work together to come up with suggestions for some good problem areas. Lessons are somewhat of an info overload, which is why I will send you a video recording of our lesson, which you can then can use as a review aid.

1st lesson 3 hours (1hr prep + 2 hr Skype session) ~ $400
Subsequent lessons $150/hr (bulk discounts available)
Again, keep in mind there is added value in the first lesson as I spend more than an hour on your review.
I do not do any profit sharing/staking arrangements.


Please send a PM if interested, thanks!


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