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03 Apr, 2012

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a line to introduce myself and extend a warm thank you to the bfp crew for welcoming me.

I've been playing poker professionally since 2007 and coaching since 2009. I started out primarily as a 6max player and transitioned into heads up within a couple years, where my focus currently lies (most of the 3-6 handed I play nowadays is a result of starting tables and staying when they fill). Contrary to the bumhunting approach, I've been able to maintain my desired volume and a high hourly by multi-tabling regs instead of waiting around for weaker players all day. I approach the game from a theory based perspective and believe much of my success comes from balancing this with a strong grasp on more subtle in-game dynamics such as flow, meta, emotional control, timing, and other similar intangibles. I've been taught by and keep close contact with multiple elite players and remain an avid student of the game in whichever way I find most stimulating, constructive, and profitable.

My coaching rate is $500/hr, format is flexible but I prefer video reviews and find them to be the most effective and instructional method. The first session is designed to familiarize me with your thought process and identify areas for improvement; following lessons will be personalized to help improve on these areas in an organized and cohesive way. For results/graphs/references, feel free to email, send a pm, or hit me up on twitter if you're in the mix @asadgoat



  • StephaneBisson
    StephaneBisson (5 years ago)

    Glad to have you join the team! Looking forward to watching your videos!

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