Mortal lock of the century NFL Bet

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19 Oct, 2012
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Mortal lock of the century: NE -11 v NYJ and over 47.5

Last week the Jets blew out an inferior opponent. Which in turn gives Rex some false bravado and is back to being Rex. 

NYJ are down Revis, have no NFL WRs, and Shonn Greene's performance was an anomolly vs a depleted IND def coming off an emotion high vs GB. Both backup RBs are dinged up.

Belichick had a LONG ass plane ride home to think of all the ways he's going to put up fitty on the Hot Mess that is the NYJ. The Pats and Brady especially were humbled and trash talked by Richard Sherman (what is a Richard Sherman?) in SEA. Hernandez is healthy.

NE's three losses have come against solid NFL defenses: SEA, ARZ, and BAL (at the time). The Jets are not a solid NFL defense and will especially struggle vs NE's new uptempo, "Oregonish" offense.

Prediction: NE 52 NYJ 14
Bet yo kids, bet yo wife


  • BuckWild
    BuckWild (4 years ago)

    Tim Tebow tho

  • NeilGewirtz
    NeilGewirtz (4 years ago)

    Thats the 1st place Jets your talking about

  • AndyCarlson
    AndyCarlson (4 years ago)

    Meh. I'll take a push.

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